Balloon Bash- decorating with balloons

Balloon Bash- decorating with balloons

decorating with balloons on Pinterest

Decorating with Balloons is trending so
let’s blow up some balloons and partaaay!


May is crazy in my family. We have Mother’s Day, my birthday, Sweetheart’s birthday, my daughter’s birthday, both my parent’s birthdays and five of my grandkid’s birthdays. I’m worn out just thinking about it. I’ll bet you may have a graduation party to plan.

I’m planning a college grad party for a client in which jumbo balloons will take center stage. I’m getting excited to see how all the plans come together… especially the balloons!

Frankly I’ve never been excited about decorating with balloons in the past and have rarely used them in my weddings and parties, except for kid parties. Thanks to Pinterest I am now a convert! I have gathered 12 of my favorite ideas for using balloons in party decor… a couple are my own and the rest come via Pinterest and some very talented bloggers.

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Have you ever seen anything quite like this? This flower & balloon garland is stunning!


Attach a tissue tassel garland tail to a jumbo balloon for a funky centerpiece


Attach balloons to the wall for a quick inexpensive party decoration. They look like bubbles don't they?


I made this balloon wreath for a circus themed party. Simply attach deflated balloons to a straw wreath... so FUN!


Here's some classy balloon decor... jumbo balloon with honeycomb ball & fringe tail


THis is such a cheerful balloon decorating idea. Fill a clear balloon with confetti before inflating


Put a penny in a balloon before inflating and hang upside down for a different twist on decorating with balloons.


Oh my cute is this? Cellophane wrapped balloons on a stick to create a lollipop garden!


I just love this balloon idea! Hang photos from helium balloons for a birthday surprise or a graduation day or an anniversary.


This is SUCH a clever balloon decorating idea! Attach balloons to golf tees and stick in the ground.


I'm dying to have the perfect event to use this amazing balloon decor idea. Check out these amazing balloon chandeliers


Halloween costume anyone? Can you believe this dress made from balloons? Balloon couture for the girl who has everything!

It’s been a lot of fun sharing some of my favorite ideas for decorating with balloons. I would love for you to share some of your favorite ideas with me.

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Balloon hangers from Target make quick work of hanging the balloons on a wall.


Here are the original links to these fun balloon ideas:

1. balloon garland   2. jumbo balloon/fringe tail  (This link is blocked but I wanted to give proper credit anyway)   3. balloon wall
4. wreath   5. balloon & honeycomb ball   6. confetti balloon   7. upside down balloons   8. lollipops   9. photo balloons  
10. balloon field   11. chandeliers   12. dress



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