Easter Candy Surprise- Cinnamon Bunnies
chocolate covered cinnamon Easter bunny candy

Easter Candy Surprise- Cinnamon Bunnies

So I pop into Sprouts Farmers Market yesterday to buy some boring old zucchini and what do I find with the Easter candy? Cinnamon bunnies, that’s what! How fun is that!



Cinnamon Easter Candy Bunnies
Cinnamon Easter Bunny Candy

I love cinnamon bears and my favorites among Easter candy are peanut butter M & M’s and chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies- love to bite those ears off! But I’ve never come across cinnamon bunnies before. In my mind, most tasty treats are even better when dipped in chocolate… so of course I bought some cinnamon bunnies and went right home and dipped them in chocolate.

Dip it ‘n Give it or Eat it


Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Easter Candy Bunnies
Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Easter Candy Bunnies


The directions are simple:

  1. Melt some chocolate chips in your microwave or double boiler

  2. Thin with some shortening to desired consistency

  3. Dip the bunnies and place on parchment  or wax paper lined cookie sheet

  4. Let the chocolate set art room temperature or in fridge

  5. Eat!

Terrific Tip- orange

I happened to use sugar-free chocolate chips to dip these bunnies so no shortening was required. The melted chocolate was already thin enough.


If you have never tried chocolate covered cinnamon bears I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how yummy these Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Easter Candy Bunnies are!

Written by Cherice Steinhour

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