Entertaining Tips: To Do or Not To Do

Entertaining Tips: To Do or Not To Do

Entertaining at home should be FUN! I’ve got some great tips on how to enjoy entertaining and be a guest at your own party.


One of my go-to party menus is homemade pizza… my mouth waters just thinking about it! It’s a simple menu for a simple gathering… pizza, salad and dessert!




Do you like entertaining at home or does the thought stress you out? Check out my Entertaining Tips- the DOs & DONTs that will make entertaining at home a pleasure instead of a pain. Learn how to be a guest at your own party.



It’s been a little while since I’ve entertained because my husband’s been working out-of-state, but I LOVE to have people over. We rarely get invited to gatherings in our friends’ homes- family yes, but friends, almost NEVER! I think many people are uncomfortable with entertaining in their home… I’m not sure why, but I have a few entertaining tips that I’d like to share that will hopefully help you feel more comfortable entertaining at home if you struggle with this.


As I was running my vacuum around for a quick spruce up before my pizza party, my mind started to go over the plans I’d made, what I’d chosen TO DO and what NOT TO DO before this little dinner. I love to teach and share so here goes.


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