JOY! Could my grandkids be any cuter?


JOY! Could my grandkids be any cuter?
JOY! Could my grand kids be any cuter?

They say that money can’t buy happiness and I believe this is true, but perhaps money can buy a bit of JOY? Look what I found at TJ Maxx for $12.99! I’ve seen these soldered metal letter signs at outdoor markets for $60-$75. I just love off-price shopping, the thrill of the hunt, the unexpected treasure.

I’m especially glad that this sign is fashioned in colors that are appropriate year round. I had it up all summer on my front porch and will happily display it again Christmas time.

But seriously, I do think that joy is a deeper more fulfilling and less fleeting emotion than happiness.

Here’s a bit of my Happy List:

  • Halloween
  • dark chocolate
  • ice cream
  • dining al fresco
  • bacon and hash browns
  • going to the movies
  • losing 2 pounds
  • a new outfit
  • steak and baked potato with everything on it.
  • going to the theater

Here’s a bit of my Joy List:

  • My family. It has brought me great joy to watch my four girls grow and mature and start families of their own. And what a great joy and blessing it is to have them all live within 20 minutes.
  • My parents and siblings. We truly like each other and it is with great JOY that we gather together for meals, family fun and memory making.
  • Grand kids. I have 11. Their love is pure and watching them grow is a delight.
  • Good friends. I have learned so much from the love and example of great friends and will continue to learn from them. Friends enrich my life.
  • The Lord. I am richly blessed and know all that is good in my life comes from Him.
  • Autumn. All of God’s creations are marvelous to behold but Autumn holds a special place in my heart.
  • A job well done. After week and months of planning, designing and executing an event it is a JOY to see all that hard work culminate in the event that I envisioned.
  • Gardens. Over the years my gardens and flower pots have brought me much JOY as I plant, anticipate, harvest, deadhead and enjoy the fruits of all that effort.
  • Walks with my Mom and sisters. An early morning walk is the perfect opportunity for some intimate and heartfelt conversation.

I could go on but I invite you to share what brings you JOY. Feel free to comment and please post photos of what gives you joy on my Pinterest board titled JOY.





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