My Less and More List

My Less and More List

After sharing my last post about my One Little Word I have read some posts on other blogs and I came across a Less and More list. This got me thinking about what I want less and more of in my life. I think this is a natural progression after choosing one word to focus on.


Make a Less and More list to clarify your goals... a simple, but powerful exercise to clarify your goals

The list of what I need LESS of in my life is loooooooooooong. But here is a sampling.

  • Sugar… I’m an addict, I admit it and once I start I can’t stop. Darn that dopamine!

  • Negativity… I’m not a sour puss, but I do tend to worry too much about what’s NOT going smoothly in my life at the moment.

  • TV… My guilty pleasure. I work long hours and I work really hard most days. Nighttime comes and I just want to curl up with cocoa and watch a couple of shows… DVR’d of course! Getting really sick is almost worth it when I get to watch all 6 or 7  hours of Pride and Prejudice in one sitting absolutely guilt free.

  • Worrying… it saps my energy and motivation. It’s not productive.

  • Sitting… it’s been a rough 18 months. I’ve been sick a lot and injured several times. I also spend loooooong days at the computer, but that’s an integral part of my work.

  • Coveting… I catch myself being a little jealous of the lovely homes and furniture that friends and family have and I do wish I got to travel and vacation as often as they do. This is embarrassing to admit right?

  • Solitude… I actually enjoy alone time, but my work involves a great deal of solitary activity with little social interaction. I get to the point where I don’t feel like making the effort to socialize. This is contradictory because I LOVE spending time with my family and entertaining friends.

As I said, my Less List could go on and on and on, but I don’t want to depress myself!

If I can whittle away at the Less List

A More and Less list can help to clarify your goals... a simple, but powerful exercise to improve your life

  • Energy… The first word that most people use to describe me is ENERGY. I need to get it back!

  • Encouragement… I need to feel less discouraged and more hopeful about the future. I also want to be more positive around my Sweetheart.

  • Learning… I enjoy learning new things, especially the technology that I use to blog and the business lessons I learn from colleagues more experienced than me. I am intrigued by some of the things I’m learning from my scripture study time.

  • Trust… I want to trust in the Lord more and have hope that everything is going to be OK- eventually.

  • Exercise… I actually miss exercising, feeling strong and enjoying the stamina I had 18 months ago. I look forward to the snow melting and my foot getting better!

  • Doing… I have treated certain situations in my life as temporary and so I haven’t given my full commitment to particular areas. Time to get serious!

  • Relationships… I have a wonderful family that love and enjoy one another. I also have delightful, generous friends in my life. I would like to focus on nurturing those relationships as well as fostering a few new connections.

So there you have it… My Less and More List.
What’s on your list? Please share with me in the Comments below.

Make a Less and More list to clarify your goals... a simple, but powerful exercise to clarify your goals


Written by Cherice Steinhour
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