Why Stuff migrates

Why Stuff migrates


stuff migrates when you don't organize your stuff


Birds migrate, whales migrate, even butterflies migrate…

but why do pencils and pens migrate?


Are they trying to get to a warmer climate? Are they going back home to have

little baby pens and pencils? Are they looking for better feeding grounds?

What I’m really asking is…


Why can’t we keep track of our stuff?


Let me suggest some possible reasons:

  • We aren’t paying attention…our stuff gets ignored
  • Multi-task overload… so we don’t take care of our stuff
  • We’re in a hurry… so we aren’t careful with our stuff
  • The thing we can’t find is “hiding”… because we put our stuff somewhere it doesn’t belong




Can you find a pen or pencil when you need one? Are you always losing your keys? There ARE some simple solutions to this dilemma. Check out the full post and learn how to control your clutter. Stuff Migrates... it's the law.


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