To-Do Lists: Good, Better, Best

To-Do Lists: Good, Better, Best

learn how to use a task list effectively

Tick Tock… only 24 hours… what will you check off your To-Do List today?


Do you think to-do lists are a waste of time? That's CRAZY talk! Read & learn how to use a task list effectively.


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I’ve also
covered which apps I use to sync my To-Do List between my computer and my mobile devices… click Here for “To-Do Lists Part 2″ .


Let’s get to the nuts and bolts of To-Do Lists.


Remember, if you have too many to-do’s you’ll feel overwhelmed and likely feel defeated before you even start. Prioritize and divvy up your tasks throughout the coming days and weeks. It’s easy to get stuck in the thick of thin things when your task list doesn’t reflect your priorities.


I generally have 2-4 items on my daily to-do list that are high priority and then quite a few tasks that are medium to low priority. I don’t number or letter my list, too much work, but I know what must get done and what would just be nice to get done.


As things occur to me, as mail comes in, and as I answer emails, texts and phone calls, I immediately add new tasks to the day when I want to get them done.


Here are some examples:


  • If I make an appointment with a client, I add a task to confirm the appointment 1-3 days prior.
  • If I get an invitation to a baby shower I add a task to a day that would be good for shopping for a gift.
  • If I order something online I add a task near the expected delivery date to check the order status.
  • I have recurring tasks on the days I need to pay bills online- I just make the task a repeating task.
  • If I have a presentation or speech to prepare I set aside time on several days to work on it.
  • If I need to thaw out something for dinner I add that to my to do-list the day before.
  • My daughter’s baby shower was last week. My to-do list a few days before included wrapping her gifts and making a card. I was sick so it actually
    took 2 days to wrap all the gifts, but because I didn’t leave it all to the last minute I didn’t get stressed.
  • If I have calls to make, emails to send or thank you notes to write, I add those to my task list on the day that works best.


The Android mobile app that I use on my phone and tablet to sync with my Google Tasks on my computer is GTasks by Appest Inc. You can also get this app for your Apple devices. The icon looks like this in the Google Play Store:


gTasks in Google Play Store



So how do errands fit into all this you ask. CLICK the Next Page arrow below and I’ll tell you.



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