Organizing products aren’t the answer

Organizing products and containers are not a miracle cure. There is a very important step that comes before shopping… de-cluttering.

Homemade Shower Cleaner

If you’re like me you don’t LOVE cleaning the shower, and if you have a glass shower then it’s even worse right?

Priorities- build a productive day

Stop-Breathe- sort out your priorities… When I was a young new bride forty years ago, I became aware of a concept that Daryl Hoole taught in her book “The Art of Homemaking”. Now there’s a blast from the past… published in 1962! This approach illustrates how to prioritize a day. It’s a very simple model that has resonated with me these many years. Granted this notion was originally geared toward stay-at-home moms, but the principles are sound and can be applied to those who work in the home, out of the home or even on the job.

My Less and More List

After sharing my last post about my One Little Word I have read some posts on other blogs and I came across a Less and More list. This got me thinking about what I want less and more of in my life. I think this is a natural progression after choosing a word to focus on.

One Little Word- #OLW

Choose One Little Word to focus on for the year. Draw inspiration, motivation and courage from your one little word. My One Little Word for 2015 is NOW! What’s yours? #olw

Google Plus Growing Circles Hop March 27

Welcome to the Google Plus Growing Circles Hop, where we network and share content.

To-Do Lists: Good, Better, Best

Tick Tock…only 24 hours…what will you check off your To Do List today? The nuts and bolts of To Do Lists.

To-Do Lists: beat the out-of-site-out-of-mind trap

Why do YOU resist using a To-Do list? Here are the 3 main excuses I’ve heard from clients and friends through the years.

To-Do Lists…Never done?

A manageable and portable To-Do List is the NUMBER ONE tool to stay organized and manage your time.

Life hack- how to iron large table cloth

Life Hack for ironing a large rectangular or round table cloth