Spring Wreath- 3 ways/1 wreath

Spring Wreath- 3 ways/1 wreath

Spring has sprung and I’m just putting away Valentine’s Day- arggh! Maybe a new Spring wreath will get me in the mood for bunnies and peeps.



Spring Wreath: 3 quick variations

I get my best inspiration while shopping. This is what I saw on the shelf at Tuesday Morning




Spring Wreath vine carrots

This is what my brain said: “Oooh fun! Cute! Hmmmmm…I could make a Spring wreath with these. I could do several variations and do a blog post. I’m going to buy these carrots…etc”


My favorite way to decorate for the season is to take a regular accessory that I use all the time and quickly add some seasonal touches. For this Spring Wreath I started with a basic greenery wreath from Hobby Lobby which I’ve had for several years.



Spring wreath base

For the first variation I just wired on 2 vine carrots. It still needed a little something, so a quick Google image search found a fun vintage rabbit image. I added a little text and glued it onto some card stock I had. I glued a skewer to the back & stuck it in the wreath. Add some orange chevron burlap ribbon from, you guessed it, Hobby Lobby, and a 30 minute Spring Wreath is on my door. Actually doing the graphic adds a bit to that 30 minutes, but you can download it HERE so you won’t need to spend the time! You’re very welcome…


Vintage rabbit with carrots printable

Spring Wreath – Natural Rustic Style


Spring wreath with vine carrots

For the second variation I wired on the 3 metal carrots and moved the bow to the bottom center.


Spring Wreath- Craft Store Metal Cuteness


Spring wreath with metal carrot stakes

For the third variation I dug out some turquoise ribbon left over from a wedding and wound it loosely around and through the wreath. Then I added a paper Easter banner that I made last year.


Spring Wreath with Easter Banner


Spring Wreath with Easter banner

The glittered letter eggs are Easter basket charms I found at Walmart last year. This year the Easter charms are just individual glittered letters without egg.

This little project has helped to put  a Spring in my step. I hope it inspires you to go create with what you may already have on hand!

Written by Cherice Steinhour

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