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  1. Cherice has coached me with her organizing skills for a long time. Trust her…she is knowledgeable when it comes to managing time and tasks.
    She has helped me immensely. Believe me, I ill be reading and studying this blog post for a while…. What a tutorial!

    In addition to all of that she is a dear and trusted friend. I will add her to my blog list!

  2. Great post Cherise – I’ve struggled with calendars for years and I used to carry a similar planner around for years (though mine had Dilbert cartoons!). But I just couldn’t stick with it until I got my Smartphone. Now I’ve actually managed to stick with the calendar habit and I check it daily. Now I need to start working on the to-do list aspect of it – if only to get it out of my head and sleep better. These are some good tips.

    • Thanks for the kind words Adrian. I’ll be following up with more posts that go beyond the mechanics and I will post about which mobile apps I use and how using Task lists the right way can save lots of time and headache.

  3. I am a huge GTD fan and use OmniFocus to manage all my tasks. I love reading about how others do it. Great, detailed post!

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