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  1. Brook

    What a touching a honest expression of love. Love for all and to all! She is the friend we all hope to have and pray we cherish when we are blessed with Good people like Hannah. I am blessed with a loving a kind family and a few very close and cherished friends. I give thanks everyday for them and now after seeing this I know I can do more! Thank you Hannah and thank you Cherice for sharing this.

  2. Linda Hatch

    What an inspiring young woman. I will make an effort to follow suit with my hand made cards.
    Thank you for sharing this Cherice.

  3. Donna Pexton

    I loved the video. A remarkable young woman. I love to run across hand written notes. Especially letters from our mothers who are no longer with us. Notes and letters are keepers! I too feel that hand written notes are becoming less and less. Writing a thank you is much easier on the computer, with the help of “spell checker” and grammar suggestions, but written by hand are cherished and loved. Thank you Cherice for posting this video.

  4. Suzie Chevarie

    Well I loved reading this and the video was great! I used to write letters a lot, but somehow technology became more convenient. I feel inspired to write letters more, it is a lost art and that is sad! I do write thank you notes, but I need to be better about that too! I want to start leaving random letters in random places, it sounds awesome!

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