Homemade Shower Cleaner

Homemade Shower Cleaner


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Here’s the big secret- Preventive maintenance!

I’m a firm believer in preventing messes in the first place… such a time saver!

Of course the answer to keeping your shower clean for up to a month or more

is to use a daily shower cleaning spray. The trick will be training your family to

spray after every shower. My husband thinks that once a week is often enough-

Argggh! The solution we came up with is that he cleans his own bathroom.

There is another problem though… those daily shower cleaners are expensive

and I was always close  to running out, even with backup supplies.



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I’ve been using homemade shower cleaner for years now and it really works!

It’s best to start with a clean shower. Yes, you’ll need to scrub it down once

anyway! Then after every shower spray every surface with a fine mist of

shower spray. If there’s a glass door remember to use a squeegee after spraying.

The spray prevents lime deposits and soap scum build-up. I still occasionally

spray some mildew cleaner in trouble spots.



I can go several weeks without a good scrub-down and the shower still looks

pretty darn good, with  very little build up… Aaahmaaazing! I’ve actually gone

as long as 8 weeks between cleanings!

Homemade shower cleaner is so much cheaper than store-bought products and

it’s super quick and easy to make.




If you’re like me you don’t LOVE cleaning the shower, and if you have a glass shower then it’s even worse right? Of course the answer is to use a daily shower cleaning spray... but they're expensive! I’ve been using homemade shower cleaner for years now and it really works! CLICK through for the recipe.


Are you dying for the recipe? Just CLICK below!

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  1. Robin

    So do you spray it when your done showering and then rinse each time?

    1. Cherice

      I spray the walls of the shower after each use. You do not need to rinse it off.

  2. Lyn

    Looking forward to trying this. Only concern is that I understand hydrogen peroxide degreades in the light and should be kept in a dark container.
    Maybe picky but if you are making a gallon, it might be worth optimising the conditions to preserve the mix.

    1. Cherice

      I mix it up in an empty plastic gallon milk container and keep it in a cupboard. But you could certainly keep it in an opaque container. Good Luck!

  3. Teresa Sebright

    I just made up a bottle of homemade daily shower cleaner. I labeled the bottle w/ingredients, and we are good to go. I tried a bit of it on my clean shower. I love this idea, thank you for sharing this!!

    1. Cherice

      I’m so glad to have helped in a small way! Cherice

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