Why Stuff migrates

Why Stuff migrates

Problem? We’re in a hurry:

This is very similar to not paying attention. When we’re in a rush we don’t take the time to put things away in their proper spot.


Solution? Plan ahead:

If I plan ahead and allow time to clean up and put stuff away then I can find the scissors, or nail clippers or my car keys the next time I need them.


Problem? The thing we can’t find is “hiding”:

OK… this is the one I’ve been wanting to get to. When I couldn’t find my keys for a week they weren’t playing hide ‘n seek, I was a dummy and didn’t put them where they belong. I DO have a place for them, a little hook right by the door going from the house out to the garage.


Solution? Give stuff a home:

In my humble opinion the reason stuff migrates, the main reason we sometimes can’t keep track of our stuff is because we haven’t given some things a home. If everything in your home or office has a home- a well-defined, confined and maybe labeled space- then your things have a much greater chance of being where you think they are when you want them.


There IS one caveat though… if you don’t want all the scissors or nail clippers or your reading glasses to end up in the same room, then you’ll need to take the time to PUT THINGS AWAY!



a place for everything, everything in it's place



Sounds a bit like a taunt doesn’t it, but it really is a simple principle. If you create a specific place to keep a certain item AND you take the time to put said item away in its place then you will waste LESS time looking for things that SHOULD be where you THOUGHT they were.


I’m not going to tell you about the time I “lost” $500 in a cash. It had MIGRATED to the big trashcan that was on the curb for pick-up the next morning! I’m an idiot, but thankfully I found it the THIRD time I looked through the trash in that can… what a waste of time and talk about stress!



learn how to control clutter & put your stuff in its place



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