Why Stuff migrates

Why Stuff migrates


Follow these 4 simple rules for making a home for your stuff:


1. Store at the point of first use whenever possible…
This might mean that you store some sandwich bags with the PB & J because that’s where the sandwich bags get used every day! Do you get the idea?


2. Store with motion in mind…
Stuff that you use ALL the time should be easy to get at and put away. Things that you use less often can be a little more difficult to reach. Items, say seasonal cookie cutters, that you only use once a few times a year can be quite hard to get. You might even need to go to a shed or storage unit for these things.


3. Create well-defined, contained spaces and use containers to bundle similar items…
This is the fun part, this is where you get use all those cute storage products you’ve been coveting or maybe even buying. Before you go crazy containerizing you MUST to READ THIS POST about what to do BEFORE you buy organizing products!


4. Label, label, label… You’ll have much better luck getting your family to put things where they belong if your shelves, containers, drawers etc are labeled. Invest in a good electronic labeler… you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one! There are lots of different types of label tape so you can go crazy!

These tips are pretty simple and easy to implement… maybe you just needed to be reminded. IF you need more guidance I’ve gone into much greater detail on how to declutter and make a home for your stuff in my eBook Got Clutter?


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Be kind to yourself and your stuff… give it a home OK?


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